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1. It’s my first time doing pilates so should I do a private session or can I join a group class right away?

We do recommend doing at least one private class first so you can get familiar with pilates and how to use the equipment. However we do not require you to take a private class before you take a group class. Most clients do fine following along with the class.

2. If I have a health problem can I still take a group pilates class?

If you have any kind of health problem or medical condition such as chronic back pain, joint pain or any other severe condition please let us know, as we should do a private session, in order to figure out what modifications you will need to your pilates routine and see if group classes are for you.

3. What should I bring with me/what should I wear to class? Bring a towel to wipe your sweat and bring a bottle of water (hydrating your body is very important). If you don’t bring a towel we will provide you with a towel to use. We also have water available for your convenience . Bring clean well fitting socks (we require socks). It is best to wear socks with grips at the bottom of the socks (for your safety and comfort). We will have grip socks available for purchase at the studio for your convenience.

No cell phones please (be respectful of the other students)

No /minimal perfumes as some clients are allergic.

We prefer no jewelry as it can get in the way, get caught on parts of the machines that you will use and possibly damage the equipment (rings are especially dangerous as they can tear the upholstery of the reformers). The clothes you wear should be comfortable and something you can stretch in. It’s best to wear form fitting stretchy clothes. You will often have you legs in the air, loose shorts and such may expose areas of your body which you may want to keep private. Leave your worries behind. Pilates requires you to focus, it is a mind and body experience. It is your time to take a break from all life’s problems and treat yourself.

4. Will pilates make me bulky?

No- Pilates gives you a toned, lean and long appearance.

5. How often should I do pilates?

Everybody is different and it also depends on your fitness level. The more you workout and the better shape you get in, the faster your recovery will be. The more you work out and the more consistent you are, the better results you will get. It is not uncommon for many clients to work out 5-6 times per week. We generally recommend at least 3 times per week (especially if pilates is the only type of exercise that you are participating in).

6. Will pilates make me stronger?

Yes, it will make your whole body stronger. Pilates is a low impact resistance exercise which challenges you with concentric, eccentric and static muscle contractions.

7. Will pilates help me lose weight?

Resistance exercise burns calories and elevates your metabolism levels. You are still burning more calories after your workout while your muscles are recovering. Workouts are in a circuit training style in which we flow from one exercise to the next with few pauses in between, so you will burn the maximum amount of calories during your sessions.

8. How do I schedule a class?

You can schedule a class using our on-line booking system which is very easy to use. If you need assistance, call or e-mail us for help.

9. If I schedule a class and I don’t make it to the class will I lose the class and is there a no show or a late cancellation fee? Yes if you schedule a class and don’t show up you lose that class and will be charged a $15 no show fee… If you late cancel you lose the class and get charged a $10 late cancellation fee.. We have a 12 hour cancellation policy… If you can’t make it to the class log into your on-line account and cancel your reserved class 12 hour before the class.  After 12 hour window it is considered a late cancellation.
You can NOT cancel by phone or e-mail… The only correct way to cancel or late cancel a scheduled class is to do it through your on-line account. There are no exceptions to this policy.
Please remember this is not personal… just the company policy.

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