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Pilates Benefits

Pilates is a safe and effective way to meet all your fitness needs in an efficient and fun workout. In Pilates you engage your mind as well as your body so you never get bored as with many other forms of exercise. Pilates creates a balanced physique and corrects existing weaknesses in your body. In Pilates, we use a wide variety of exercises so you never get bored of the same routine. You will develop a toned and lean body, while losing weight and looking good. Pilates is also about positive thinking, vitality, balance and overall well being and energy.

We live demanding lifestyles, leisure time has decreased, daily pressures have increased, we sit more, move less and stress levels have increased. Our bodies were designed to move. There is no shortage of evidence about the benefits we get from working out and Pilates is a fantastic way to exercise because it covers all the aspects of fitness.

Pilates is so versatile that it can benefit and challenge an advanced athlete as well as a person suffering from many types of health related problems.

Pilates will do wonders for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Clients of Pilates report increased mobility, decreased joint pain and stiffness. And for those suffering from back pain, many report improvement with constant Pilates training. Clients of any age can benefit from Pilates training.

List of benefits:

Increase flexibility
Increase strength
Improve alignment
Increase endurance
Manage and decrease stress
Improve dexterity
Improve stability  Weight loss
Improves balance
Increase mental alertness and focus
Increase lung capacity
Improve posture
Improve coordination
Improve movement